The Importance of Wearing Shoes

A parent spent one hundred thousand Naira ($ 275) to buy shoes for his children at Christmas and someone thought spending such a staggering amount of money for something as trivial as shoes was too extravagant. The man replied that he buys shoes for his kids only once a year, usually at Christmas. But, besides […]

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Hard Water Facts You Probably Didn’t Know Until Now

The so-called “hard water” is defined as water with high mineral content, which is formed when it passes through chalk and limestone deposits that consist of calcium and magnesium carbonates. There are some health benefits from drinking hard water. However, this type can bring about critical problems when used in industrial settings. Water hardness should […]

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Water Filters Explained for Everyone

There are different water filters as presented previously and each has its own way of working… The following are the most popular filtration systems and what they do. Activated Carbon This type of filter works by means of adsorption. In this process, liquids and gasses are attracted to other liquid or solids. As the water […]

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